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Functional Medicine Shop at INN 

Embarking on your path to optimal wellness? Look no further. At Integrative Nurses Network Functional Medicine Shop, we offer a handpicked selection of products endorsed in the RCP (Root Cause Protocol) Instruction Manual. Conveniently choose between in-clinic pickup or having them shipped directly to your doorstep. Unsure of what to choose? No problem! Our team is dedicated to providing guidance and support every step of the way.

Supplementing with key nutrients is crucial for maintaining optimal health. At Integrative Nurses Network, we understand the power of combining these essential nutrients with our functional medicine protocols. By incorporating magnesium, vitamin C, beef liver, and essential trace minerals like copper, boron, and selenium, you can experience amazing benefits for both your physical and mental well-being.  Below are some of the items you can find at INNs Functional Medicine Shop,

Magnesium supplements promote better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and help alleviate inflammation. This mineral is vital for nerve and muscle function, making it valuable for athletes and individuals with active lifestyles.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that enhances the immune system, protects against free radicals, and supports healthy skin, bones, and blood vessels. When combined with beef liver supplementation, it also aids in improving iron absorption.

Beef Liver packed with essential nutrients like iron, vitamin A, and B vitamins, beef liver supports cellular function, liver health, and detoxification, and boosts energy levels and cognitive function.

Essential Trace Minerals such as copper, boron, and selenium play pivotal roles in bone and joint health, fertility, immune function, and brain health. Including these trace minerals in your supplement regimen can promote overall well-being.

Explore the diverse selection of top-notch supplements offered at INN's Functional Medicine Shop, where quality meets expertise. Our online store is your gateway to a curated collection of premium products, accompanied by personalized guidance from our dedicated team. Let the Functional Medicine Shop be your trusted source for enhancing your well-being and addressing your health concerns effectively. Step into a world of holistic health solutions with the support of our functional medicine protocols and supplements, designed to optimize your wellness journey. Elevate your health and vitality with the comprehensive resources available at the Functional Medicine Shop, your partner in holistic well-being.

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