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Our Inn preferred doctors program gives your patients access to top-quality care—right in their own homes. Our on-call RNs can treat a wide range of health conditions, making us the perfect solution for homebound seniors and other vulnerable populations. At INN we understand that your patient's health is paramount so you won't be surprised by unexpected bills or surprise treatments.


Our full suite of services for your patients in their homes includes antibiotics, oncology, Ozone, and Nutritional IV therapies.


It is with enthusiasm that we extend our invitation to experience the level of support INN can provide your patients. By accepting our invitation to partner with us, you are also opening the door for partnership between these providers and your practice, as well as referrals from our patient base. This in turn better informs our patients when they are looking for various types of providers and prevents those desperately searching for the right fit to waste their time and money testing out practice after practice.

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