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Advanced Functional Medicine: Solutions

At Integrative Nurses Network, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of healing practices aimed at promoting holistic well-being through Functional Medicine. Our approach focuses on treating the body as a unified system rather than just targeting specific ailments or pains. Intending to boost our patients' overall health and vitality, we offer an extensive selection of tailored services designed to revitalize and rejuvenate. Our offerings include Functional Medicine Nutritional IV Therapies, IV Hydration Therapies, Regenerative Injectables,  Ozone IV Therapies, Ozone Insufflations, Root Cause Protocol consultations, and BioCharger to enhance your Functional Medicine wellness journey.

For their convenience, returning patients may book appointments online for IV Therapies, Regenerative Injections, Ozone 10 Pass, and Ozone Insufflations.

IV Hydration for Functional Medicine with a water color effect

Functional Medicine  Nutritional IV Therapies  

Nutritional IV Therapies, or intravenous micronutrient therapy, involves administering essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. This method allows for rapid and efficient absorption of nutrients, providing numerous health benefits. Through a potent combination of immune-boosting nutrients, nutritional IV therapy enhances immune function, enabling the body to combat infections, allergies, and illnesses more effectively.

Molecules represetning the ozone molecules

Ozone IV Therapies & Ozone Insufflations 

At INN, we utilize advanced oxygen treatments to ignite your body's self-healing abilities. Our state-of-the-art 10-pass oxygen machine delivers blood oxygenation. Following international protocols of leading physicians, to provide the best in Functional Medicine solutions. Ozone Insufflations as part of our comprehensive therapy options, involves introducing ozone gas through various orifices of the body, allowing it to permeate the surrounding tissues and deliver its therapeutic benefits.

BioCharger device placed in the center of a comfortable seating area for patients to receive Fuctional medicine treatment


The BioCharger is a unique wellness tool that emits specific frequencies and harmonics that have been shown to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and boost overall vitality. By utilizing advanced technology, the BioCharger helps to optimize your body's natural ability to heal and gives you a quick, convenient way to enhance your well-being. With a selection of more than 1,200 BioCharger recipes available, you can always find the perfect combination for your needs.

Injecatbles wiht needle

Regenerative Injectables

Nutrient injections are a quick, efficient way to get your vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Whether you are looking to boost your energy, maximize your weight loss, or reduce your pain- these 5-minute injections are a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. These elevated nutrient levels have been associated with remarkable therapeutic effects, promoting overall health and well-being. IM administration is known for its ability to provide sustained benefits, making it a powerful tool in preventing and treating various health conditions.

Tree Roots

Root Cause Protocol Consultation 

This one -hour consultation with Root Cause Protocol Practitioners, Christie Hernandez RN, BSN, PHN, RCPC. She will provide you with insights and tools to help you understand how your body works and move toward better health. This offering is ideal for people who are suffering from chronic health challenges. It is based on the root cause of inflammation, which is cellular dysfunction caused by an imbalance of 3 key minerals. The consultation includes one 60 minute consultation, Two (2)  15-minute follow up consultations, and a comprehensive lab review.

Healing Therapy- woman holding a sound bowl in lefthand sitting cross-legged with incense burning.

Health Reclamation Ceremonies

We are honored to offer three sacred offerings provided exclusively by Catherine Medicine Heart, RN, PNP, CHT, M.Div. In these healing ceremonies, Catherine will provide a sacred space for you to take accountability for your own healing by tapping into that deep well, where the roots of illness have anchored, and bravely go where no other lay nurse will take you; guiding you all the way with unwavering support, educated guidance and deep love for where one is at in their journey.

Returning Patient
  • Mix of ozone gas & blood makes ozonated blood, which is returned to th...

    2 hr

    790 US dollars
  • IV therapy has a host of benefits to the body and overall health.

    1 hr

    Cost varies
  • Injectables achieve concentrations in your body not obtainable by oral...

    30 min

    149 US dollars
  • safe and effective method of introducing ozone gas into your body thro...

    30 min

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