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Nutritional IV Therapies

Nutritional IV Therapies, or intravenous micronutrient therapy, involves administering essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. This method allows for rapid and efficient absorption of nutrients, providing numerous health benefits.

One of the key benefits of this therapy is its ability to instantly replenish vital nutrients, boosting energy and vitality. Addressing nutritional deficiencies promotes overall vitality and stamina, helping you feel your best.

 Nutritional IV therapies also supports cellular repair and regeneration, leading to remarkable anti-aging effects. It combats oxidative stress and nurtures your body at a cellular level, promoting a more youthful appearance and enhancing longevity.

One notable advantage that Integrative Nurses Network appreciates about Nutritional IV therapies is their capacity to bolster the immune system. Through a potent combination of immune-boosting nutrients, nutritional IV therapy enhances immune function, enabling the body to combat infections, allergies, and illnesses more effectively

If you have previously received one of our IV Therapies please book your next appointment below. For any questions about scheduling a session outside of what is listed on this page, please call us at 831-854-7599.


An essential fatty acid necessary for the production of energy. It has Neuroprotective (think neuropathy) and blood sugar lowering effects; detoxes heavy metals; offers powerful liver support; and offers protection from oxidative damage.                                                                                                             $219- $269


Our Glutathione Infusion treatment elevates the levels of this powerful antioxidant in your body, leading to a noticeable improvement in your overall wellness.                      $145-189                                                                                                                            


This infusion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to correct nutrient deficiencies; uplift and energize; enhance overall well being; combat fatigue; provide allergy and asthma relief.                                                             $239


This version of our Meyers is targeted specifically for migraines with additional magnesium and procaine for pain relief and symptom reduction.                                                                                                                       $279


Support your body's detox pathways with this formula, which may target your detox organs with the right nutrients and homeopathic IV ingredients to ensure your lymphatic system is clearing out excess waste. This is a great addition to any at home detox regimen.                                                                                    $309


A blend of amino acids, minerals and vitamins to replenish your cells.                                $289


Essential nutrients to improve skin hydration, reduce wrinkles and inflammation, improve moisture retention, protect cells against UV radiation, provide collagen and antioxidant support for smoother and clearer skin.                                                                                       $329


An antioxidant Infusion with 15 grams of Ascorbic Acid "Vitamin C", which can play vital roles in cellular detox, treatment of infectious disease, histamine regulation, and so much more. In doses only obtainable by IV, there may be anti-stress, antidepressant, and anti-viral properties.                                                                                                                     $240


Trace minerals, zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Amino Acids particularly important in wound healing- Proline, Glycine, Taurine.                                                          $299


This infusion can support cellular detox, the treatment of infectious diseases, and support the quality of life of patients undergoing treatment for cancer. Proven to be cytotoxic to cancer cells; it can be an effective adjunct to chemo and radiation therapy.                                                                                   $330-$400


This popular infusion of multiple vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium is used to treat various medical conditions.




Our Cachexia IV is for those who are experiencing fatigue, weightloss and muscle wasting. It is a large supply of amino acids and critical vitamins and minerals to replenish your body and give it a head start on cellular repair.                                                                          $299


A relaxing blend of nutrients that are meant to decrease stress, vigilance and anxiety.                                                                                  $279


A mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support balancing your hormones.                                                                               $339


Hydration is critical for all functions in the body. Proper hydration via IV allows your blood to deliver oxygen to muscles, remove waste, distribute hormones, regulate your heart rate, and improve skin elasticity, among many other functions.                    $189-$200


Our chelation infusion provides several provoking agents to pull heavy Metals out of your tissues and into your urine for testing purposes.                                                      $365


With this IV concoction, you may notice an increase in sex drive, energy, youthful vitality, and much more.                                          $210

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How to Get Started
To become a patient of Integrative Nurses Network, please call us at  (831) 854-7599 or click here to book a FREE RN consultation. Please read through our Frequently asked Questions for other important information.

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