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Magnesium is a critical mineral for your overall health including many of your brain's functions such as learning abilities, working memory, and short-term and long-term memory.*


The special form of Magnesium used in our Jigsaw Brain Boost -- Magnesium L-Threonate -- has been clinically tested and shown to permeate the blood-brain barrier, which enhances the receptors involved in supporting healthy short-term & long-term memory, and improves learning abilities.*


Each serving of Jigsaw Brain Boost contains 144mg of elemental Magnesium that is quickly released into the bloodstream to fuel your brain.*


Jigsaw Brain Boost™

  •  As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily. Or use as directed by your healthcare professional.


    Jigsaw Brain Boost™ provides 144mg of magnesium per serving so we recommend taking this in addition to our MagSRT® to easily and conveniently exceed the RDI for magnesium without getting the terrible side effect of diarrhea caused by ordinary magnesium supplements.*


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